Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MANLY Sports

There have been far too many sissy sports allowed into the Olympics, and personally, I'm weary of it. I say it's time to beef up the agenda a bit with a few more MANLY sports. Here are some suggestions.

  • Hitting other MEN in the face as hard as you can. Oh wait, they already have that sport.

  • Throwing truck tires over a building—an activity popular in the deep south among MEN named Bubba.

  • Murdering animals—a perennial favorite of MANLY MEN who live in wooded areas.

  • Drinking so much so fast you throw up—quite popular with the college crowd

  • Projectile gas-passing.

  • Crashing cars.

  • Finally, for the more intellectually inclined MANLY MEN: marathon cussing.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny!

Happy trails,

Connie :)