Monday, July 25, 2011

I've Moved!

RhombImage via WikipediaOn July 25, 2011, I completed migrating all articles on Neologistics to my Neologistics Editing blog. I invite anyone who has subscribed to this blog, and also new visitors who happen upon it, to subscribe instead to Neologistics Editing.

It's my intent to keep Neologistics alive for the foreseeable future, but I expect this post to be the last article.

I began Neologistics in August 2005 mainly for fun — to hop on the blogging bandwagon, and to provide an outlet for short writing projects to supplement my long-existing personal website (also titled Neologistics), where I have numerous other creative projects, including a free full-length book about ultrarunning.

Historically, content on Neologistics has been unfocused, including articles on whatever topic I've felt like tackling mainly running, music, opinion, reviews, and humor. (At least I usually think the stuff is funny when I write it.)

In December 2010 I created Neologistics Editing to support my nascent freelance editing business, and began feeding the blog component with articles on topics related to the English language such as writing, editing, usage, and book reviews.

Before long it started to bother me that I was trying to grow two different blogs. An advantage I have on Neologistics Editing is that it's a WordPress site, and allows me to organize my library of posts under categories, thereby partitioning the content more logically than the simple chronological format on Blogspot allows.

Therefore, I made a decision last week to merge the two blogs. On Neologistics Editing, all the articles from Neologistics have been assigned to the category Legacy, in addition to whatever other categories apply, and the posting date of every item has been back-dated to its original posting date from Neologistics.

Dinking periodically with this site has been a lot of fun, but now it's time to move on to better things. And I thank readers who have followed this blog, and hope you will continue with its improved incarnation.

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